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We warmly welcome to all our true music loving listeners on this dedicated site for bollywood music. We play hindi songs, Gazalas, classical songs, Qawwalies from era of Great singers like Noorjehan, Shamshad Begum, K. L Saigal, Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Talat Mahmood, Geeta Dutt, Hemant Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Suman Kalyanpur and many more.
We also play songs for today's young generation in-between through out the day. Listen to Hits of Bollywood from our home page or tune in from your favorite player .We have created this radio website and app, so that you and our listeners from all over the world can listen golden hits of bollywood 24 x7 without any interruptions. It takes a lot of time and finance to maintain “Hits Of Bollywood” Radio. Please, if you can, donate as appreciation, to keep “Hits Of Bollywood” Radio up and running. Please do not forget to give us your valuable feedback. We hope you will surely enjoy our collection of songs.

From the Admin Desk
Hindi films have delighted audiences and listeners with their music from as far back as the 1930's all the way to the 2010's and are truly a global treasure! The music from the films has consistently set a higher standard of excellence and entertainment than the films themselves, and often outlasts them in popularity by decades. Yet, the people behind these songs - composers, singers, lyricists and instrumentalists - don't get anywhere near the recognition that the stars acting in the films do. HOB is a small effort to pay tribute to all these artists and their creations which have enriched the lives of millions of people over many decades. We believe that HOB is a cultural treasure bringing people worldwide, closure and invoking sweetest memories associated with our unparallel song collections.

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