The Monthly Schedule

01-06-17 To 30-06-17Old Hits Of BollywoodFrom 7.00 Hrs To 7.00 Hrs
Every SundayBas Ek Khayal From Our RjsAt 08:30, 14:30, 20:30 Hrs and On Monday 02:30 Hrs IST i.e 03:00, 09:00, 15:00 and 21:00 Hrs GMT
Every SundayRequest Songs From Listeners Around The World By Yatin & Prabhat SinghAt 09:30, 15:30, 21:30 Hrs and On Monday 3:30 Hrs IST i.e 04:00, 10:00, 16:00 and 22:30 Hrs GMT
WeekdaysAapki Pasnad - 10 Favourite Songs From Our Any One ListnerAt 9:00 and 21:00 Hrs IST i.e 3:30 and 15:30 Hrs GMT
Sunday 4th JuneBas Ek Khayal - Special Programme On Rajesh KhannaBY Prabhat Singh From USA
Sunday 11th JuneBas Ek Khayal - Special Programme On Manoj KumarBY Prabhat Singh From USA
Thursday 15th JuneBirth Anniversary Of Singer Suraiya, more about her @ blogListen Her Songs From 8.00 Hrs Onwards
Friday 16th JuneBirth Anniversary Of Singer,Lyricist and Music Director "Hemantda" More about him @ blogListen Him and His Lyrics From 8.00 Hrs Onwards
Sunday 18th JuneBas Ek Khayal - Special Programme On Father's DayBY Prabhat Singh From USA
Sunday 25th JuneBas Ek Khayal - ChehraBy Sonali From Dubai
Sunday 25th JuneBirth Anniversary Of Music Composer "Madan Mohan" Read More About Him @ blogListen His Composition From 10:30 Hrs Onwards
Tuesday 27th JuneBirth Anniversary Of Music Director "R.D.Burman" Read More About him @ blogListen His Composition From 9:00 Hrs Onwards